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How to Test Your Antivirus Functionality?

Test Antivirus

Test Antivirus

Having an antivirus software installed on your computer is of a great advantage as it can keep you safe and worry free by blocking viruses, spyware and all the other types of malware programs out there. However, in some cases just installing the antivirus and walking away from your computer isn’t just enough. This is because, there are chances of your antivirus functionality being disabled by some intelligent malware programs. When this happens, you are in a serious trouble.

If your antivirus functionality is disabled, nevertheless having it your protection is still tampered. So, in order to stay safe it is always a smart idea to test your antivirus functionality on a regular basis. To perform the test using a real virus or a malware sample can still be dangerous. However, in this article you will find a simple and safe testing process by which you can make sure that your antivirus software is working.


Here is a step-by-step procedure to test your antivirus functionality:

  1. Open a notepad (New Text Document.TXT), copy the following test code exactly onto it and save it.

    EICAR Test code


    Most antivirus programs will immediately generate a warning message as soon as you save the notepad. In addition, the notepad will automatically get removed/quarantined. If you do not get any response from your antivirus, then proceed to the next step.

  2. Rename the file from “New Text Document.TXT” to “”.
  3. Now perform a manual scan on this file.

If you antivirus is functioning properly, then it will flag the file as a malware. You can also place the “” file in a ZIP or RAR file and run a scan on it so as to make sure that your antivirus can detect the malware even if it is present in a compressed archive. Any antivirus upon scanning this file will respond exactly as it will do for a genuine virus/malicious code. If it doesn’t, then re-install your antivirus to fix the issue.