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Category: Parental Control Software
Product Rank: #6 in Parental Controls for PC
Price: $99.95
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Has excellent online monitoring features and good customer support.

Does not support profanity masking which is an important feature.

The Verdict:

Webwatcher is a powerful parental control software that offers a lot of features like web filtering, content filtering and geo-location tracking which makes it a healthy choice to buy.

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Webwatcher has been recognized as one of the most intelligent and agile parental control software available. The software is rich with all desirable features for efficient monitoring and controls for filtering and blocking. The software sends the screenshots of all the activities on the monitor screen. The software installation and maintenance is so simple that even a novice can operate it easily. WebWatcher allows filtering social networking sites and other regular inquisitive sites.

WebWatcher provides a powerful email monitoring capabilities which enables the parent to see detailed reports on all the email transactions on system based application such as Outlook or web-based accounts. Using the “Smart Camera” tool the parent can access all that the child sees on a screen. WebWatcher also captures all the applications ran including important details like access time, idle/active time and protocols used.

The powerful Keylogger tool allows parents to record the keystrokes made by the child. This helps trace the typing activities on the chats or the search engines. The blocking controls allow the user to block any social networking or other sites by categorizing based on the URL, keywords or ratings. The software also allows the parent to block any application or program temporarily by scheduling or permanently. The software sends alerts and notifications whenever the child makes a search on inappropriate content.

WebWatcher is downloaded from the link shared from the vendor. Downloading and installing the software on the device you want to monitor ideally does not time more than 5 mins. The parent needs to agree to install the software only on the device that is owned by him/her. The customization options extend the monitoring capabilities to a dependable approach for a safe Internet experience for the parent and the child.

The support on the product is offered through telephone, live chats and email. FAQs are shared on the official site.


The product proves its worth in time with the riches of filtering and blocking controls, readable reports and system screenshots. However, profanity masking is a feature that is missed in WebWatcher and offered by most other vendors. By and large, we recommend this software for its strong monitoring features.

Features & Specifications:
Email Monitoring

WebWatcher has a powerful e-mail monitoring system which allows you to see all the content available in the received or sent E-mail like the body text, subject, recipients, date and time.

Web Filtering

The harmful content in the web can be blocked by the parent using WebWatcher’s web filtering feature which can be done category wise or by URL or by keyword.

Program Blocking

Webwatcher has the program blocking feature which makes it easy to block unwanted programs from being executed. You can make a list of programs you want to block or make a schedule or block it permanently.


Keylogger is used to record every keystroke typed. This feature in WebWatcher allows you to keep track of every detail entered in the computer by your child. Even if the keystroke is deleted, this feature provides you a reader-friendly version along with the raw keylogging activity which makes it easy to view.

Additional Features
  • Continuous Screenshots
  • Alert word notification
  • Social network filter
  • Website searches
Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • 70 MB hard drive free disk space
  • Internet connection

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