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Category: Parental Control Software
Product Rank: #1 in Parental Controls for PC
Price: $39.99
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Profanity masking feature is available which is not present in most parental control software.

Net Nanny doesn't record keystrokes typed on the computer.

The Verdict:

Net Nanny has all the required features to help the parent to block the children from inappropriate and abusive content on the web. It contains many filters like web filter, E-mail filter, social media filter and many more to keep your child safe.

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Gold Award iWebGUARDNet Nanny is the best parental control software available presently. This software gives the complete control on your child’s Internet activities and makes them completely invulnerable for ordeals online. Net Nanny is an award winning parental control software. Its strong features are access control, profanity masking, alerts and reports and multiple user profiles. The well-built filtering strategy keeps your children fully protected from pornographic, violent and other adult sites. Net Nanny is RANKED #1 in our Parental Controls section (for PC) and also wins our GOLD AWARD for the current year.

Our choice of Net Nanny for No.1 place is simply due to its wide range of capabilities on monitoring, filtering, blocking and other key controls. The software makes the target device completely immune to hacking and other social engineering tactics. This software stands out due to its intuitive distinguishing capabilities between the genuine and the inappropriate.

Monitoring & Recording: 9.0/10

Monitoring: Comparison Chart

Net Nanny allows the complete visibility and control over every activity on the Internet. The parent can access the online account and view the reports and alerts remotely. The parent can control all facets of program configurations. Net Nanny Records Web searches, Activity, Instant Messaging services and social networking activities. All the accounts of social media sites are monitored. Any image or video files uploaded by the child can be detected.

Filtering & Blocking: 10/10

Filtering: Comparison Chart

The software has a powerful handle over all the events online. Real-time instant blocking is possible with this software. Blocking can be tricky due to ever changing tactics of the miscreants. The software incorporates an advanced technology to evaluate the content dynamically to block offensive content. The parent can permit or deny access to any site, schedule child’s Internet usage time and filter few sites and contents.

Net Nanny does Profanity Making beautifully by altering the abuses and flagged contents by series of special characters. This is very useful as children often refer to the comment section with curiosity and associate with participants’ opinion.

Reporting & Management: 9.0/10

Reporting: Comparison Chart

The reports are user-friendly and highly operational. There are sufficient options to customize, such as filter and sort, these reports for a convenient outlook. The parent has exclusive access to the reports whether or not the target device is on. The reports are secured with online login credentials. For the further privacy measures, the parent can disable the access to any reports from a remote system. The parent gets alerts and notifications about periodical activities of the child. He/she can find out the most blocked sites and update his blocking settings accordingly.

Net Nanny is hosted in Cloud. This means, the software does not need to be installed on the device. All the online accounts can be included for monitoring through simple regular dashboard analysis.

Help & Support: 8.0/10

Help & Support: Comparison Chart

The support is available through telephone and email. Besides, there is FAQs and other Knowledge-base documents to refer. The site provides tools and services in favor of safe Internet experience for families under learning section.

Value for Money: 10/10

Value for Money: Comparison Chart

The product is complete and sound with all the basic and advanced features. Features like Profanity Masking are not available in most of its Competitors. Net Nanny has just enough controls to filter and block everything that happens online. Keylogging is the only missing feature. This is sure covered up by other capabilities. We highly recommend Net Nanny for all your Parental Control needs.

Features & Specifications:
Monitor Internet Usage

Net Nanny provides you with a real-time filtering technology which enables you with complete visibility and control over your child’s activity on the Internet. As the web is full of inappropriate and mature content, Internet filtering is very important these days.

Blocking Inappropriate Content

Net Nanny has a powerful inappropriate/adult content blocker which evaluates the content of the web sites visited in real time. As the content in the web is constantly changing, Net Nanny incorporates an advanced technology that analyzes web content dynamically to block objectionable content without affecting your computer’s performance.

Time Allocation

Net Nanny enables you to create a schedule as in what time your child can use the Internet. The web access to the child can be restricted as per the schedule configured by the parent.

Restrict Language Use

Most websites allow users to make vulgar comments that can be viewed by children as there is no restriction. Net Nanny allows you to replace those vulgar comments by special characters, so that vulgar slang words are hidden from your children.

Reporting And Alerts

Net Nanny gives you notifications about the week’s activity, top blocked domains and web events. The parent can remotely grant access to a blocked website if the child sends a request.

Minimum System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • 50 MB hard drive free disk space
  • Internet connection

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