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Category: Monitoring Software for PC
Product Rank: #3 in Monitoring Software
Price: $99.95
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Webwatcher offers a simple web-based interface to control and access the recorded data.

The control features are highly limited when compared to other competitive products on the market.

The Verdict:

WebWatcher is a good choice for those who are looking for a decent monitoring software which is quite easy and simple to use. It provides a simple web-based interface to access the recorded data from any location. However, it lacks essential control features like "chat filtering", "application filtering" and "time control". In addition to that, this product is clearly overpriced when compared to others which offer same features for a lesser price.

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Bronze Award iWebGUARDWebWatcher is a powerful remote monitoring software typically designed for home usage. It gives you the ability to monitor keystrokes, messages, websites visited and also see the actual screenshots of the activities going on. The good thing about WebWatcher is that the whole monitoring process can be carried out remotely from anywhere you are.

The installation process takes not more than 5 minutes. Once the installation is completed, the software begins to record everything in a fully invisible mode. You can login to your online control panel any time to view the recorded data.

We are glad to announce that this program wins our BRONZE AWARD for the current year.

Monitoring: 4.5/5

Monitoring: Comparison Chart

WebWatcher records every keystroke typed and presents them in a reader friendly manner along with the raw keyword activity. Even those keystrokes that are deleted are also recorded, so that you do not miss any piece of information.

All the social media activities including that of Facebook and MySpace are also monitored. Periodic screenshots are captured and stored so that you can see for yourself what is going on your computer when you are away.

Other monitoring options include recording of sent and received emails, IM/Chat conversations, program activity, websites visited and search terms used on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

Features & Controls: 4/5

Features and Controls

Some of the highlighting features of WebWatcher include the ability to take “smart camera screenshots”. With this feature you can take a picture of the screen whenever a program or website is in use. You can even set a time frequency for screenshots to be taken. You also have the option to capture screenshots using “alert words” and easily tie them back to the notifications.

Apart from the ability to block access to inappropriate websites, WebWatcher does not offer any of the useful blocking features such as chat filtering and application filtering.

Reporting: 4.5/5


WebWatcher stores all the logs on its own secure server and offers a simple web-based interface to view the recorded data. You also have the option to receive alerts on your email.

The web-based interface cleverly organizes the recorded data for improved user access. Built-in report generator and searchable logs makes it easy for the users to generate customized reports.

Help & Support: 4.5/5

Help and Support

WebWatcher offers quality support to all its customers so as to resolve all their queries in a convincing manner. You can avail 24/7 support through Phone, Live Chat or Email.

Value for Money: 3.5/5

Value for Money

Even though this product offers a decent set of features to fulfill all your monitoring needs, it lacks useful blocking and content filtering options. On the other hand, the price that you pay for it is too high when compared to what the product offers in return.

Features & Specifications:

WebWatcher has the Following Set of Recording and Control Features:

  • Keystroke Logging
  • Records Facebook/MySpace Activities
  • Records Emails that are Sent and Received
  • Records Program Activities
  • Records Instant Messaging Data
  • Captures Screenshots at Set Intervals
  • Records the List of Websites Visited
  • Records “Search Terms” Used in Google and Bing
  • Get “Alert Word” Notifications
  • Ability to Block Inappropriate Websites

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 733 mhz Processor or Better
  • 128MB of RAM (256MB Recommended)
  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • Internet Connection to Upload the Logs

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