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Category: Monitoring Software for PC
Product Rank: #2 in Monitoring Software
Price: $69.95
Supported OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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Supports a wide variety of monitoring features and offers additional features such as "content filtering" and "self-uninstall".

It does not support advanced features like "secure control panel".

The Verdict:

SpyAgent is a powerful software to monitor PCs from a remote location. It offers a strong monitoring platform and supports tons of customization features to match individual needs. If you are looking for a decent monitoring solution for your computer, then SpyAgent is a healthy choice.

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Silver Award iWebGUARDSpyAgent is an award winning spy software that lets you monitor every activity on your computer without having to worry about what the users do when you are away. It not only comes with all the essential monitoring features but also has a diverse set of content filtering options that enables you to have a control over the user activities on your computer.

SpyAgent works even on a remote computer so that you need not maintain a physical access to the computer being monitored. It monitors all the activity in a complete stealth mode and sends the logs remotely via email or FTP.

SpyAgent is an all-in-one monitoring package for your computer that can effectively take care of all your monitoring and parental control needs. For the same reason it wins our SILVER AWARD for the current year.

Monitoring: 5/5

Monitoring: Comparison Chart

SpyAgent has the most monitoring features than any other software product in the arena. It can monitor anything ranging from keystrokes typed, sent and received emails, IM/chat conversations, website activity to application usage and mouse activity.

Keystroke logging captures all kinds of passwords and flags them for easy viewing. Screenshots are captured at set intervals of time – when the mouse is clicked or whenever websites are visited and are categorized by content – social networking, webmail, website usage, and more. The captured screenshots can later be viewed in a VCR-like slideshow format.

Other monitoring features include application usage, files uploaded and downloaded, events time logging, computer usage logging, clipboard logging and more.

Features & Controls: 4.5/5

Features and Controls

SpyAgent gives an option for the parents to block their children from accessing questionable content and engaging in unwanted activities on the Internet. Any website can be blocked or allowed as per the parent’s consent. You have the ability to block IM activity and disallow applications that you do not want your children to run on their PC.

SpyAgent supports SmartLogging feature that can be configured to start monitoring only when certain events occur. Those events can include specific keywords being typed, programs being ran, websites being visited, certain windows being viewed and more. You even have the option to receive instant email notification whenever such events occur.

Other important features of the product include Log File Encryption/Backdating, Forced Hidden Files, Spyware Detector Disabling, Warning Screen and Auto Self-Uninstall.

Reporting: 4.5/5


SpyAgent offers convenient reporting options to access the stored logs. In order to make it easy for the users, SpyAgent has built-in options such as Top 10 Report Generator, Summary Reports, Log Cross-Referencing, Filtering and Search options.

The Top 10 Reporting category includes activities such as emails sent/received, most popular activity summary, applications used, websites visited, online searches, file transfers and so on. You can also make a quick search for specific keywords and obtain only those reports that match your keyword. You may also configure SpyAgent so as to receive the logs remotely via email or FTP.

Help & Support: 4.5/5

Help and Support

SpyAgent support options include Phone, Technical Support Help-Desk and Knowledge Base that contains resources such as product manual, installation guides, FAQs and more. The phone option is available from Monday through Friday while the Technical Support Help-Desk is available on all 7 days of the week.

Value for Money: 4.5/5

Value for Money

SpyAgent offers a decent set of features and control options to establish a solid monitoring platform on any PC. Unlike most other programs which offer only a basic set of monitoring features, this product comes with additional content filtering options and other useful features. Therefore, it can be clearly stated that this product is a good value for money.

Features & Specifications:

SpyAgent Offers the Following Surveillance and Monitoring Features:

  • Records Every Keystroke
  • Real-time Remote Desktop Viewing and Control
  • Records Emails that are Sent and Received
  • Records Internet Chat Conversations
  • Records Website Activity
  • Captures Screenshots at Set Intervals of Time
  • Logs Computer and Application Usage
  • Records File Upload/Download Activity
  • Records Window and Mouse Activity

SpyAgent Supports the Following Content Filtering Features:

  • Application Filtering
  • Website FIltering
  • Chat Filtering

Security and Stealth Features:

  • Operates in Complete Stealth Mode
  • Option to Encrypt Log Files
  • Option to Disable Spyware Detector
  • Option to Display a Warning Screen to the Users
  • Option to Auto-Uninstall After a Certain Date

View the Following Log Reports Via Email or FTP:

  • Summary of Most Popular Activities
  • Top 10 Email Sender List
  • Top 10 Email Recipient List
  • Top 10 Applications Used
  • Top 10 Websites Visited
  • Top 10 File Transfers and More…

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium Class PC (133mhz or Higher)
  • 3MB Hard Drive Space
  • Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8
  • Internet Connection (Email and Traffic Data Logging not supported for Dial-Up users)

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