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Category: Monitoring Software for PC
Product Rank: #5 in Monitoring Software
Price: $99.95
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Spector Pro offers a wide range of features to monitor computer and Internet activities.

Does not support "real-time" monitoring feature and lacks the ability to block users from running unwanted programs.

The Verdict:

Spector Pro offers a simple solution with most essential features to easily monitor every activity of your child or employees on their computer. The software is more suitable if you have physical access to the target computer as it is not possible to manage and control the program from a remote location. For the price of $99.95, the software should have come with features like "real-time" and "remote" monitoring.

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Spector Pro is a powerful monitoring software that enables you to see everything that your children and employees do on the computer and Internet. It offers a feature-rich, easy to use and intuitive monitoring platform even for the beginners.

Spector Pro has the ability to automatically record several computer activities like keystrokes typed, websites visited, emails sent and received, chat/IM activity, social media activities, programs used, online searches and much more.

The advanced surveillance screenshot recording features takes screenshots and arranges them intelligently in the exact order in which the activities occurred. The software also supports video-style playback of screenshots with options to fast forward/immediate rewind and convert them to BMP, JPEG or AVI formats.

In addition to monitoring, Spector Pro also has a few blocking and control features to offer. The software provides easy options to block any website from being accessed and put a check on your child’s chat/IM activity. However, it lacks other vital control features like as keyword blocking, social media and application blocking.

The software only supports local reporting which generates top 10 summary reports of the most important PC and Internet activities, so that you can get a glimpse of what all happened during your absence. The top 10 summary includes reports of chat/IM activity, online searches, websites visited, email activity, applications used and so on. You can also generate the reports based on the date range you specify.

Spector Pro offers quality technical support 24 hours a day, on all 7 days of the week. You can avail support via email or by telephone. Additional support options include knowledge base, documentation and FAQs.


This is a wonderful choice for parents and novice users who are looking for a monitoring software that is fairly simple to install and use. Since the product does not support remote monitoring, maintaining physical access to the computer is a must to manage and view logs. However, if your need is only to monitor a local computer, you are free to go with it.

Features & Specifications:

Spector Pro Supports the Recording of Following Activities:

  • Keystrokes Typed
  • Chats/IM Activity
  • Sent and Received Emails
  • Website Activities
  • Social Media Activities including Facebook and MySpace
  • Application/Program Usage
  • File Transfer Activity
  • Online Search Terms used on Google, AOL and other popular websites
  • Video-style Playback of Screenshots with Forward and Rewind Abilities

Blocking Features:

  • Website Blocking
  • Chat/IM Activity Blocking

Additional Features:

  • Runs in Complete Stealth Mode
  • Hot Key Access with Password Protection
  • Keyword Alerts (when inappropriate language is used)
  • Top 10 Summary Reports
  • File Tracking to Monitor the Creation, Deletion or Modification of Files on the Computer

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Any Edition of Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

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