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Category: Monitoring Software for PC
Product Rank: #6 in Monitoring Software
Price: $79.97
Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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SniperSpy is the only monitoring software on the market that supports silent "remote install" feature.

The monitoring process does not happen in a stealth mode and hence users of aware that they are being monitored.

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SniperSpy is a powerful monitoring software with an option to install and monitor the activities from any location. In addition to monitoring, it also supports important features like remote control, real-time monitoring and content filtering which most other products on the market currently do not offer. It has every feature that a top monitoring software should have.

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SniperSpy is a handy Remote Spy Software that satisfies monitoring needs of a parent and employer. Be it a local or a remote computer, you can easily install and monitor all the activities with SniperSpy. It offers a wide range of monitoring and control features for effective monitoring and parental control needs.

SniperSpy supports two types of installation: Remote and Local. Remote installation creates a remotely deployable module that gets installed on a remote computer through email. Thereafter you can control all the activities of the remote PC from your own place of comfort. Just like any other software program, it can also be installed on a local computer.

SniperSpy records every keystroke typed on the computer’s keyboard including all types passwords. It captures screenshots, records chat conversation and keeps track of web and social media activity. The main drawback of SniperSpy is that the monitoring process does not happen in a stealth mode. Unlike other monitoring programs which runs in an invisible mode, the operation of SniperSpy is clearly noticeable for the users who are under surveillance.

SniperSpy offers a rich set of control features and options that lets you control the remote PC the way you want. With parental control features you can block children from accessing adult content on the web, filter unwanted applications, impose a block on IM and social media and even limit their computer usage only to a certain amount of time.

SniperSpy comes with a secure online control panel to view and access the stored logs. The control panel also lets you control the remote computer right from anywhere you are in the world.

The control panel shows the “top ten reports” including graphs, so that you can quickly have a glance of the remote computer activities. In case if you are looking for a specific report, there is an option to even search for the logs. The logs are constantly updated so that you can get all the information as quickly as you can.

SniperSpy offers quality and timely support so as to resolve all your technical problems. The support options include Email, Live Chat and Phone which works on all the 7 days of the week. The site also contains other support options such as Product User Guide, Knowledge Base and Frequently Asked Questions.


SniperSpy is no doubt a powerful monitoring solution for parents and employers. However, if you are looking for a stealth software this is not the option for you. Otherwise the price paid for SniperSpy offers a reasonable value for money.

Features & Specifications:

With SniperSpy You can Record the Following Activities:

  • Actual Screenshots
  • Websites Visited
  • Keystrokes in Most Languages
  • Facebook Logs (NEW)
  • MySpace Logs (NEW)
  • Clipboard Logs (NEW)
  • User Activity Logs (NEW)
  • Profanity Alert Logs (NEW)
  • Chat Conversations
  • Logs of Applications Executed
  • Application Session Durations
  • Map PC Location
  • File/Folder Changes Logs

Live Surveillance and Control Features:

  • Real Time Screen Viewer
  • Real Time Keystroke Viewer
  • Remote File Browser with Search
  • Time Control (NEW)
  • View Active Processes
  • Launch Application or Web Address
  • Send Message to User
  • Remotely Reboot/Shutdown/Logoff

Content Filtering Options (NEW):

  • Application Filter
  • Web Filter
  • Chat IM Filter
  • Social Media Filter

Other Important Features:

  • HTTPS Secure Control Panel
  • Deploy the module “Remotely” or “Locally”
  • Remote User Alert (Optional)
  • Searchable Logs
  • Top Ten Report Graphs
  • User Filter
  • Remote Uninstall

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Pentium or AMD mhz or Better
  • At least 64MB of RAM
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

Internet Connection Requirements:

  • A Standard Dial-up (56k) or High-Speed Internet (Recommended)

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