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Category: Monitoring Software for PC
Product Rank: #8 in Monitoring Software
Price: $99.95
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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eBlaster gives an option to monitor the computer activities from a remote location.

The product does not provide an option to block users from running unwanted programs on their computer.

The Verdict:

eBlaster provides tons of monitoring features to keep track of the activities going on but fail to offer much of control features other than website and chat blocking. On the other hand, the product does not offer any of the local reporting feature.

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eBlaster is an award winning spy software that supports remote monitoring option which enables you to watch the activities of your computer even if you are miles away from it. With eBlaster, you can monitor both your children and employees so that you don’t miss out even a single piece of information about their activity during your absence.

This software program will record everything that your children and employees do online and on PC. It can record activities like keystrokes, both incoming and outgoing emails, chats and instant messages, websites visited, Facebook and other social media activity, P2P downloads, list of applications run and user logon/logoff history.

Content filtering features of eBlaster include the ability to block inappropriate websites and filter users from getting involved in chat conversations. It is also possible to disallow specific IM profiles while allowing others to chat. However, this program does not provide an option to restrict your children from running unwanted programs on the computer.

All the recorded data is organized into a detailed activity report and is sent to your email as frequently as you wish. It automatically forwards an exact copy of sent and received emails and chat conversation. You will also receive an instant alert when any of the keyword or phrase present in your watch list is detected.

eBlaster offers quality technical support 24 hours a day on all 7 days of the week. You can contact the support team either by telephone or email and resolve all your issues in an easy manner.


eBlaster is an efficient software that comes with handy features and control options to monitor your children and employees. It also prevents your children from engaging in questionable activities and protects your family from online threats. The upside of this product is that it supports remote monitoring while the downside is that it is fairly overpriced when compared to competitive products on the market.

Features & Specifications:

eBlaster Supports the Following Surveillance Features:

  • Records every keystroke
  • Records both Incoming and Outgoing emails
  • Records both sides of IM conversations
  • Records Web activity
  • Records application usage
  • Records online search activity
  • Monitors the activity on Facebook and other social media
  • Monitors file upload/download activities

Other Important Features:

  • Access logs and manage settings using the online control panel
  • Option to block access to inappropriate websites
  • Get instant notification email about chatroom activities
  • Get instant keyword alert when inappropriate words are detected
  • Option to receive detailed reports via email
  • The program runs in total stealth mode and remains undetected

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Any edition of Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (including 64-bit)

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