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Category: Monitoring Software for PC
Product Rank: #7 in Monitoring Software
Price: $59.97
Supported OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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AceSpy is packed with a decent set of monitoring and parental control features.

Cannot be used for remote monitoring as the product is limited only for local computer use.

The Verdict:

AceSpy supports the most essential features necessary to successfully monitor every activity of the user on a computer. The parental controls are limited only to "web content blocking" and lacks other control features such as "application filtering" and "chat filtering". The product is clearly meant for a local computer use and thus physical access to the computer is necessary to manage settings and controls.

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AceSpy is a powerful monitoring software that gives you an opportunity to expose the truth by knowing exactly what your children and employees do on their computer while you are away.

With AceSpy you can easily protect your children from getting exposed to ever increasing online threats and predators while keeping an eye on their computer activity. In addition to this, you can also prevent your employees from wasting time or stealing information during their work. All of this can be done is 100% stealth mode, so that they never get a doubt that their activities are under surveillance.

This software supports several monitoring features like recording of keystrokes typed (including passwords), incoming and outgoing emails, IM/Chat conversations, website activities, social media activities like Facebook and MySpace, YouTube activity, list of documents opened and so on.

AceSpy has an automatic screenshot recording features which silently captures 60 screenshots every hour and stores them for later viewing. There is also an option to configure the frequency at which the screenshots are to be taken. In addition to capturing screenshots, it also allows you to create an actual movie from some or all screenshots captured and save it in your desired format.

The content filtering features of AceSpy are limited only to website blocking. You do not have any control over other activities like chatting and application usage. Some of the other important features include the ability to take photos from webcam and user window monitoring.

As far as the reporting options are concerned, AceSpy supports only local reporting. That means, it is not possible to remotely monitor and control the activities of the computer. However, there is an option to receive instant notification via SMS or email by configuring a watch list that includes several keywords to monitor for. When any of these keywords are typed, you get an instant email or SMS alert.

Technical support for AceSpy can be obtained by Phone, Live Chat or Email. Alternative support options include searchable knowledge base, FAQs and product user guide.


AceSpy is a simple yet effective software program designed to monitor the activities on a local computer. It is packed with a decent set of tools and options to establish a solid monitoring platform on your PC. If your requirement is only to monitor a local computer, then this product is not a bad choice at all.

Features & Specifications:

AceSpy Offers the Following Monitoring Features:

  • Recording of every keystroke including passwords
  • Recording and forwarding of sent/received emails
  • Recording and forwarding of IM/Chat logs
  • Recording of Web activities
  • Facebook and YouTube monitoring
  • Application and document recording
  • Automatic screenshots for every minute
  • Webcam snapshots capturing

Control Features:

  • Website blocking

Additional Features:

  • Operates in complete stealth mode
  • Movie format playback of captured screenshots
  • Log delivery via email
  • Instant Email and SMS alerts when set “keywords” are typed
  • Top 10 report generation
  • Ability to include or exclude user accounts for monitoring

Minimum System Requirements:

  • 433mhz or faster PC
  • 64MB of RAM
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8

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