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Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky Internet Security
Kaspersky Internet Security

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Category: Internet Security Suite
Product Rank: #2 in Internet Security Suite
Price: $59.95
Supported OS: Windows XP SP2/Vista/7/8

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Packed with all the necessary tools to provide comprehensive protection for your PC.

False detections of legitimate software as malware is reported on a few occasions.

The Verdict:

Kaspersky Internet Security has a powerful antivirus combined with rich set of tools that make it a complete security package for your computer.

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Silver Award iWebGUARDKaspersky Internet Security is an excellent product that offers comprehensive protection for your PC against virus, spyware, worm and all other types of malware and Internet threats. It is a complete product packed with a rich set of tools and features that facilitates ease of use and enhanced security. We are glad to announce that this product wins our silver award for the year 2014.

Kaspersky Internet Security is built on a highly effective antivirus engine along with various other tools like two-way firewall and phishing filter to protect you and your family from a variety of invisible attacks that emerge from various angles – from Internet, email, chat, network and USB devices.

Threat Detection: 9.5/10

Threat Detection: Comparison Chart

Kaspersky Internet Security is a powerful beast when it comes to detecting and neutralizing malware. Be it a virus, spyware, worm, rootkit or any other malware, it is impossible to bypass the Kaspersky’s protection. This product also proves highly effective against unknown threats such as 0-day malware attacks where Kaspersky employs proactive defense or behaviour based detection method to block them. Various independent antivirus testers like AV-TEST and VB100 have assigned top ratings for Kaspersky Internet Security for its unparalled threat detection ability.

Performance: 9.0/10

Performance: Comparison Chart

Kaspersky is a robust Internet Security software that intelligently manages the resources of your PC so as to always keep its performance at peak. Whenever you play games on your PC, you need not worry about annoying alerts and pop-ups that cause interruption. The built-in “gamer mode” feature automatically suspends all the alerts, notifications and resource consuming scans so as to make your gaming experience smooth and more enjoyable.

Features: 9.7/10

Features: Comparison Chart

In addition to basic antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security has all the necessary tools and features to emerge itself as a complete Internet Security suite. The parental control features lets you exercise full control on the way your children use their computer and Internet during your absence. You have the option to filter adult websites and other inappropriate content from being accessed by your children.

The built-in two-way firewall shields your PC against all kinds of hack attempts and network attacks from intruders trying to gain unauthorized access to your system. The anti-phishing feature alerts you whenever a phishing URL is detected and automatically blocks them in order to keep you safe from phishing attacks. “Safe Money” feature checks the integrity of the websites by automatically comparing its URL with a database of secure sites and verifies the authenticity of the certificate used for secure connection. This ensures safe money transactions every time you use your net-banking or credit card online.

“System Watcher & RollBack” feature helps revert or undo the damage caused to the PC by malware attacks. The other highlighting features of Kaspersky Internet Security include anti-spam, URL advisor that warns about malicious sites in search results, virtual keyboard and secured keyboard that keeps your passwords safe from keylogger programs.

Help & Support: 10/10

Help and Support: Comparison Chart

Kaspersky has a readily available global support that operates 24/7 to help resolve customer issues. You can avail direct support over the phone, email or live chat. Additional options include knowledgebase, FAQs, user manuals and how-to videos that are accessible from the Kaspersky’s official website.

Value for Money: 9.7/10

Value for Money: Comparison Chart

Kaspersky is a top tier company producing high quality antivirus and security related software products. Kaspersky Internet Security in bundled with one of the best antivirus software along with all the additional tools to establish a solid security platform on any PC. This product guarantees complete satisfaction and peace of mind for its users.

Features & Specifications:


  • Offers complete protection against all kinds and viruses and Internet threats.
  • Detects new, emerging and unknown threats.
  • Safeguards your online privacy by detecting phishing and other suspicious websites.
  • Delivers greater security for online shopping and banking.
  • Parental controls keeps your children safe and away from inappropriate content.

Key Features:

Safe Money

Offers complete protection for all your online transactions such as credit card payment and bank logins by automatically comparing the website’s URL with a database of secure sites and checking the certificate used to set up the secure website.

Secure Keyboard

Secure Keyboard allows you to enter all your sensitive information via mouse clicks instead of using the keyboard. This can protect you from keyloggers and other spywares that are capable of recording your keystrokes.

System Watcher

Even if an unknown piece of malware manages to get onto your PC, Kaspersky’s unique System Watcher will detect dangerous behaviour and allow you to undo or rollback most malicious actions.

Anti-spam Module

New and improved anti-spam feature keeps your inbox clean by filtering spam and unsolicited emails.

Anti-phishing Protection

A new anti-phishing engine improves your defences against Internet fraudsters’ attempts to gain access to your personal information.

Automatic Exploit Prevention

Controls the launch of executable files, analyses its behaviour and restricts the actions performed by applications so as to prevent exploitation of vulnerabilities by malicious software.

Minimal Impact on PC Performance

Kaspersky Internet Security is highly optimised to have only a minimal impact on the performance of your PC. A special Gamer Mode ensures an uninterrupted gaming experience while still keeping you secure.

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
  • Processor 800 MHz or higher (1 GHz recommended)
  • 512 MB available RAM (1 GB or higher recommended)
  • Approximately 480 MB free space on the hard drive (depending on size of antivirus database)
  • CD/DVD Drive – for installation of the program from CD ROM
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP (SP2 or higher)
  • Windows Vista (SP1 or higher)
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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