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You can switch phone or migrate the license to another phone if the phone is broken.

The cell phone must be rooted to use some of the important features.

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With its 24/7 customer support which helps with the ease of access to the software and good features present in it, Stealthgenie has made its name in the cell phone monitoring industry.

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StealthGenie is best suited for monitoring needs of mobile phones because of their inexpensive and user-friendly make. They are power-packed with the most essential features to incorporate the best tools in monitoring. You can stay completely hidden while monitoring the target phone while you enjoy complete access to lock the target phone, wipe the data and send remote control commands. It’s a pleasant surprise that the application is very easy to install in spite of its rather intricate build.

The software has all the basic and advance features to cater all the needs of mobile monitoring. The phone calls can be recorded and listened live; the location can be tracked with the GPS of the device; the mailbox can be scrutinized for the sent and received mails; all types of Instant Messages can be retrieved for the view; calendar activities can be checked.

The contents in the multimedia files can accessed from the user to keep a tap on the images, video and the audio files stored and viewed on the target phone. StealthGenie has a special feature that transforms the target mobile phone to a listening device. This feature allows the user to both listen to the surroundings of the target phone and record it. The user can also get alerts and notifications for the SIM change, calls from a specific number or search for specific words on the target mobile.

Along with all the above, the software also allows the user to keep a watch on the installed applications over the target phone and monitor them. This is a feature not available in all the mobile monitoring software. The icing on the cake is that the license can be migrated from one phone to another, making the StealthGenie worthy of your money.

The only drawback to this software is that the cell phone needs to be rooted to use few of the important features of StealthGenie.

The software has a decent 24/7 support aiding to easy access and operation of the software. No doubt StealthGenie has made it big in the cell phone monitoring industry owing to the slew of advantages it has over many competitors.


StealthGenie is definitely very efficient software for cell phone monitoring purposes. User friendly license and other features make it win your choice. However, if one is specific to distance himself from rooting, its obligatory to know that some important features cannot be accessed without it.

Features & Specifications:
Remote Control

The control panel in StealthGenie allows you to view data uploaded to the phone. It even allows you to lock the target phone, wipe the data and send remote control commands.

Bug the Phone

The target phone can be turned into a listening device by bugging it. It records the surroundings of the target phone and you can later listen to it anytime as it is stored in your online StealthGenie control panel.

Track and Record Calls

This feature gives access to the call history on the target phone. You can even record the incoming calls as well as outgoing calls and even intercept a live call.

Monitor Messages

You can view all the messages sent and received by your target phone. You can even send messages through the target phone to any number in that phone’s contact.

Monitor Location

The location of the target phone can be found by tracking their GPS location. It even displays their location history so that you can see if it has entered any restricted location and also if it had reached a safe place.

Notifications and Alerts

This feature notifies you if there is a sim change in your target phone. It sends you alerts if there are any suspicious calls or messages from any phone number.

Supported Operating Systems
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Blackberry

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