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The best feature in SpyStealth is that the deleted messages can also be recovered and viewed through the control panel.

The control features are not available in this product.

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SpyStealth offers all the monitoring features at an affordable price with decent support.

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SpyStealth is a cell phone monitoring software which is very useful to the parents who wants their children to be safe from visiting harmful content in the internet and also to the employers who can keep an eye out on their employees who may cause damage to company’s reputation. SpyStealth has a control panel through which a target phone can be monitored or controlled. Through this control panel the user can control upto 3 devices.

With the help of SpyStealth all the media files can be tracked. Even contacts, E-mail’s, text messages, calender events and more. Even the social networks can be monitored. All the applications installed in the target device can be kept in check. Spystealth provides the user with a live control panel. Through which the user gets access to all the data gathered from the target device. The control panel is very user friendly and can be accessed with any age group.

SpyStealth can be installed in any smartphones or tablets given its compatibility. This make it a lot easier for the parents or employers so that they don’t have to worry about the devices their children or employees posses. Spystealth is available in all the major platforms like Android and iOS devices. With iOS platform its compatible with version 7.0.2 and higher and in android its compatible with version 4.0 and higher.

Features & Specifications:
Monitor text messages

The user can monitor text messages recieved in the target device. The text message can be viewed in the control panel even if the message is deleted.

E-mail tracking

The e-mails sent or received through the target device can be tracked. All the contact details of the e-mail address can also be kept track of.

Social Network

Major social networks like facebook, whatsapp, twitter can be tracked through SpyStealth. All the messages or chat history can be retrieved from the major social networks.

Call history

The call activities happening in the target devices can be kept in check. The incoming and outgoing call wil be logged and even the duration info will be logged.

Monitor Contacts

The user can get access to all the contacts present in the target device. Can view the contacts present and also the newly added contacts.

Track web activities

All the activities done through the target device can be tracked such as youtube, social media and many more. The web history will be logged in the control panel.

GPS tracking

The location of the target phone can be tracked through SpyStealth. Location can be tracked by SMS command or GPS sensor logs or real-time view through the control panel.


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