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This software is supported by almost all the smartphones.

There is no phone and live chat support options.

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Spybubble is a good monitoring software but when it comes to filtering features, it lags a few steps behind other competitive products on the market.

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The most sought after choice for the cell phone spy software is SpyBubble. The users find it easier to install and it has more useful features available than any other software for a reasonable price. The software has been designed to be highly concealed and suite for all types of smart phones. Its ceaseless service works for the fullest satisfaction of the user.

SpyBubble is the software that does not take more than a few minutes of installation. The software enables the user to monitor the target phone with utmost secrecy. All the call logs and messages are accessed remotely from the user. In addition to this, if the mobile phone is setup with any email account, the user can easily access all incoming and outgoing emails, file transitions and Instant Messengers.

The Internet activities can be monitored as SpyBubble keeps account of all the web pages visited and the files downloaded and uploaded. The images on the target phone can also be accessed through this software. As the users comprise of parents, employers and partners, it is always desired that their children, employers and partners respectively do not engage in unsolicited activities. This calls for monitoring their online activities to know their integrity. SpyBubble empowers you with just what you need to achieve knowledge of all the online whereabouts.

However, the software does not have facilities to view stored videos and calendar activities on the target phone. Blocking phone numbers, apps or sites is also not possible. The alerts and notifications are left out. Blackberry Messenger chats are not accessible. Wiping and locking the device from a remote place is also not possible through SpyBubble.
This software is the most affordable monitoring software that has an extensive FAQ support. However the email address sited by the company does not seem to be active as we have found it unresponsive.


SpyBubble is good software for its features that cover call, messages and email monitoring. However this does not seem to be covering some of the important aspects such as sending alerts and notification, access to stored video files and so on. The chat and email support do not appear great. However for someone looking for basic needs, SpyBubble does fare pretty well.

Features & Specifications:
Access Multimedia Files
  • View images stored on the phone.
  • View videos stored on the phone.
  • This features is supported by Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian, Windows mobile OS.
Check Instant Messengers
  • Keep track of WhatsApp conversations on Android and iPhone devices.
  • Keep track of iMessage chats on iPhone device.
  • Get all the Blackberry messenger chats to your online SpyBubble account from Blackberry devices.
Redirect SMS
  • Even if there is no Internet connection on the target phone, you can monitor all activities using Redirect Text Messages. You need to enable this feature on the phone.
  • This feature is supported by android, iOS and Blackberry devices.
Locate GPS Location
  • This feature gives the present location of the target phone.
  • It even provides complete location details with date and time.
  • This feature is supported by Android, iOS and Blackberry devices, Symbian and Windows phone OS.
  • This feature allows you to remotely record an audio clip of the events happening in the phone’s surroundings.
  • This feature is supported by iOS, Android, Blackberry and Symbian.
Supported Operating Systems
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Windows OS

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