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Product Rank: #3 in Mobile Monitoring Software
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PhoneSheriff has the best control features when compared to competitors on the market.

Live phone call recording feature is not supported.

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With a lot of control features made available by the PhoneSheriff makes it one of the best parental control software for cell phone.

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Bronze Award iWebGUARDPhoneSheriff is the complete package for all your monitoring needs. It sends you call logs, text messages, web history, photos and videos stored on the phone. Using PhoneSheriff you can also block websites, send alerts and notifications in case if the SIM is changed, removed or lost, track the location through GPS, lock or wipe the data on the target phone and there are many more functionalities. The software is compatible with most of the operating systems such as Android, Symbian, iOS, Blackberry and Windows.

The software enables the user to filter, block or control the target device. PhoneSheriff is easier to install and simpler to operate. The user can customize the reports to match his ease to browse through. PhoneSheriff is RANKED #3 in our monitoring software section (for Cell Phones) and also wins our BRONZE AWARD for the current year.

Monitoring: 4.5/5

Monitoring: Comparison Chart

PhoneSheriff gives the complete access to the remote target to monitor the call logs. It sends a copy of each text message that is sent to and from the target cell phone. Even if your child deletes the conversation immediately it would not be lost, but retained in the logs that can be accessed from the online account.

You can use the GPS feature to track down the location of the cell phone. You would be able to draw the log for an option time span. The software would send the details of time and location map to your online account in the form of logs. The user can also access the web history showing the complete list of the sites visited. Indeed, you can block the sites that you think are not safe.

Special Features: 2/5

Special Features: Comparison Chart

Along with the monitoring abilities, PhoneSheriff enables you to get alerts and notification, for example if your child leaves a particular Geo fenced location. Email and app usages can also be tracked down. The software is very user-friendly that allows the user to customize the view of the logs as per his convenience and avoid surplus checking.

This app will give you a view of the contact list and the additional details stored on those. The media files like pictures, audio and video can be checked. If the phone is setup with an e-mail account, the calendar events can also be traced. You can also have the complete awareness on what connections are turned on the phone like Bluetooth and Wifi.

Blocking & Controls: 5/5

Blocking & Controls: Comparison Chart

PhoneSheriff is powerful software that offers very useful blocking facilities. The user can block calls and Text messages from a specific number. Restricting the time of the usage of the cell phone is also possible. The user can remotely have a view of the apps and web pages in use and block them if necessary. It is also possible to restrict the keywords search.

Help & Support: 5/5

Help & Support: Comparison Chart

The official site offers user guide and useful FAQs to help you deal with all the glitches. The device specifications that are necessary to hold the software are shared on the site. They have a telephone, chat and email support. However, there is no round the clock customer support.

Value for Money: 4/5

Value for Money: Comparison Chart

The software is available for a very reasonable and affordable price. PhoneSheriff has proved to be complete worth of every penny it takes. With so many controlling features made available to the user, it is one of the best parental control software.


PhoneSheriff is no doubt among the best of many others. It is rich with the set of Features and Controls that it offers to the users. However, if something goes wrong, there are hardly fewer options to repair than to uninstall and reinstall. The software does not support the live call recording or listening feature.

Features & Specifications:
Multiple Device Management

Using the same user account in the control panel you can track the activities of different devices. Android, iOs and Blackberry devices support this feature.

Data History and Usage

You can view all the websites visited by the target phone and also check the data usage of the target phone. Android, iOS and Blackberry devices support this feature.

Data Backup and Restore

Backup of the data stored in the smartphone can be done and kept so that the data can be restored if the phone get’s stolen or lost. Android, iOS and Blackberry devices support this feature.

Applications Permission

This feature enables you to view all the applications are installed and running on the target phone. You can even block any of those if needed. Android, Windows mobile OS, Symbian OS, iOS and Blackberry devices support this feature.

GPS Tracking

The route taken by the target phone can be viewed using the GPS feature. This feature even lets you mark a region on the target phone. It sends you alerts if the phone has left the marked region. Android, iOS and Blackberry devices support this feature.

Supported Operating Systems
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • iOS
  • Blackberry
  • Windows OS

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