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This mobile monitoring software is faster and virtually redesigned to help the customers to access the monitored device easily.

My Mobile Watchdog software is not compatible with iPhone OS, Windows OS and Symbian OS.

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My Mobile Watchdog has not been released in all platforms of mobile OS. So, it is definitely not the pick of cell phone spy software.

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Unlike many other mobile monitoring software, My Mobile Watchdog does not run on complete stealth mode. The icon shows up in the toolbar but runs in the background without intervening. The software hold the target user accountable in his awareness .The product is designed to be faster and virtually redesigned to help easier access to the target device. The software includes most of all the basic features.

Once installed the software enables the data to be sent to the online account. Calls logs, messages, photos, videos, address books, calendar events and GPS location all of these can be accessed from the user. When the phone is updated with new contacts an instant alert will be sent from the target phone.

The application enables parents and employers to block certain sites from the access, communicating with certain contacts, downloading certain apps and searching based on few keywords. Time scheduling is very useful feature enabling the user to restrict the usage of the device. During this period the target phone can be used only to make emergency calls or those numbers selected from the account holder.

My Mobile Watchdog software lends a helping hand to locate the lost or stolen cell phone using the GPS facility on the phone. The software also encrypts the data passing from the mobile phone to the online account thereby preventing the sneaking hackers and other social engineering criminals.

However, there are few loopholes in the software that brings it a notch down on the hit list. The software does not send alerts when the SIM is tampered; you can’t wipe or lock the device remotely, a privilege offered by most all the other monitoring programs. Above all, the software is only compatible with Android and Blackberry. As there are so many users for Windows and iOS this is the biggest drawback for the software.

With the above said, the software does fairly well for the Android and Blackberry phones. The product has email and telephonic customer support along with the user manual furnished in the website with useful FAQs section.


The product is a good choice if one doesn’t choose to be very sneaky but yet genuinely concerned. The set of features are just enough for a consensual monitoring. However the software is not developed for all the platforms making it less competitive.

Features & Specifications:
Restrict Web Access
  • You can give permission on which individual website should be accessed and also restrict users from accessing harmful websites.
Set Time
  • Time scheduling can be done on the target device as to on what time the device can be used. During the schedule, the device can make emergency calls or any other important calls assigned by the account holder.
App Blocker
  • Harmful applications can be blocked from getting installed on the target device.
  • The applications which are blocked can be password protected, so if needed you can grant temporary access.
Monitor Phone
  • Monitor incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Monitor text messages.
  • Track location by GPS.
Browser Activities
  • You can get all the websites logged in the target phone from your My Mobile Watchdog account.
Supported Operating Systems
  • Android
  • Blackberry

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