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It has all the features of a basic spy software and is also easy to install and understand the software.

Applications installed on the target phone can't be blocked from the control panel of Mobistealth.

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Mobistealth software comes at an affordable price and contains all the necessary monitoring features. But when it comes to filtering features it lags behind.

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The mobile monitoring software MobiStealth comes with various plans. It is recommended to verify whether the plan you are picking includes the feature that you saw in the reviews. Here Pro plan is picked for its standard features. MobiStealth is designed to be compatible with iOS, Android, Symbian and Blackberry OS.

Similar to most other software, MobiStealth gives call logs with the complete information about the time duration and the number details. It sends a copy of the text messages to and from the target phone. The websites visited and bookmarked are also accessible through the software. Unlike few other software, MobiStealth provides the complete visibility of the calendar events and address book and the recent updates on it.

The higher end plans also allow the users to monitor more than one device at a time. The software has a GPS facility to locate the mobile if lost and wipe the data on it or lock it. It also sends alerts and notifications to the user in case of SIM change or removal. It allows the user to record a conversation or listen it live. There is a feature that allows the target phone to be used like a microphone to record the surroundings even when the target phone is not being used.

Though the software offers a good deal for your money, you may need to know what it does not offer. Well, like some of the other software programs, MobiStealth does not have means to block a website. The feature of blocking a specific contact over the target phone is also missing. Keyword block might be something that the parents cannot do away with. However, MobiStealth does not offer this provision.

With the above said, one may notice that the software comes for a very affordable price and with various plans. Users who enjoy options might be thrilled to explore various plans that MobiStealth comes with. The product is supported by the mound of guidelines and other information shared on the website including the FAQs. But, the telephonic and chat support are missing.


The product has its own pros and cons. MobiStealth is very affordable with various plans to choose. The product is easier than many other monitoring programs to install and operate. Few missing features can be compromised with the price.

Features & Specifications:
Record Calls

Using Mobistealth you can secretly record every call which you can later listen to.

Call Log

Every call details made by the target phone will be recorded once Mobistealth is installed on the given cell phone.

Monitor Messages

All the messages sent or received from the given phone will be stored in user account.

Web Browser Log

Every URLs used in the given phone will be stored and sends that information of the URLs to the user account.

Media Files Logging

Mobistealth allows you to view all the pictures and videos stored on the target phone through your online control panel.

Record Surroundings

You can issue a command to remotely record an audio clip of the surroundings of the target phone. You can later listen to the recorded clip from your user account (control panel).

Notifications and Security

This feature sends you a notification if the SIM of the target phone is changed or removed. The cell phone data can be remotely wiped to protect your identity and personal information.

Supported Operating Systems
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • iOS
  • Windows OS

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