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You can listen to live phone calls.

The product lacks essential blocking and control features.

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Flexispy offers you more than 100 useful features with options like live call recording. But the price is high compared to others.

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For a user looking for basic cell phone monitoring software, FlexiSpy should do pretty well. The main set of consumers for this product is parents, employers and couples who want to know if their partners are cheating on them. Even though the software has left out a few of the tracking features, it does fairly well in others.

The software runs in a stealth mode and is never detectable on the target device, because the application does not show up in the Menus or Display screens. Only thing to bear in mind that you must own the device to install the software without user’s knowledge. In some cases you are bound to take the consent of the user without which you’d be inviting legal penalties.

There are over 150 features in the software that are really useful. The software leverages few gadgets such as GPS to track the location. A copy of every SMS sent or received in the target device is sent to you. The Call logs are also sent for the scrutiny. Call Interception and Recording are the other features that enable the user to listen and record to live call in real-time. However, recording features are only supported on Android devices.

The user can access the media files thereby being able to keep a check on the pictures, audio and video files. The ability to monitor the email activity enables the employers to prevent the outflow of any confidential information of the company and squandering of productive time. If the SIM card is changed on the target device the user receives a notification immediately. These kinds of alerts can also be set for calls from a specific number.

It is also possible to remotely backup and restore the data on the target device. Data compression can also be achieved through this feature.

The rich set of features makes the software attractive. However, the product is quite dearer compared to others coming about the same brigade. The software only works on the below listed environments:

  • Blackberry
  • Symbian
  • iOS
  • Android

As for the support extended by the product, they have a live chat support through which you may clear your doubts. You may use the open forum also for this purpose. You’d find the local and main contact information of the company, videos and comparison charts etc. on the site.


The product comes with a rich set of features. By exploring each, one would be convinced of its worth. The drawback lies with the price and its inability to offer powerful blocking and control features.

Features & Specifications:
Monitor Media Activity

You can access the media files stored on the target device including camera images, audio and video files.

Alerts and Notifications

If there is a change in the SIM of the target device you will get an alert. Also you’ll get notified if specified calls are made or received from the target device.

Data Security

You can remotely backup and restore the data of the target device. Data compression can also be done using this feature.

Call Interception and Recording

This feature enables you to listen to live calls as it happens. Or you can even record the conversations and listen to it later. You can record selected conversations in which you are interested. The recording feature is only supported by Android devices.

Monitor SMS and Calls

Every SMS sent or received on the target device can be monitored. The list of all the calls received or dialed can be viewed too.

Supported Operating Systems
  • Blackberry
  • Android
  • Symbian
  • iOS

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