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Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite

Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite

Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite

Antivirus vs Internet Security Suite: Which One to Choose?

Overlooking the necessity to have a protective suite against the creepy malware is not so thoughtful. There is no such question as whether or not to have a software that protects your PC from the world of malice. The question is ‘What to choose?’ Well, Antivirus software and Internet Security Suite are the two major categories of defence in PC world. There are few similarities and dissimilarities in both of them. Antivirus software is a single application whereas Internet Security Suite is an array of multiple applications neatly bound together.

Both of them have the same destiny: to prevent malware from entering your PC. Nonetheless, Antivirus software is no competent to Internet Security Suite. Apparently the reason is that a single application would not be able deploy fighters in all potential risk-points. It goes differently in case of Internet Security suite, it has dedicated and independent applications combined together to address multiple security concerns. Hence, Internet Security suite would protect your PC more efficiently than a single Antivirus.

Internet Security Suite includes features that can be enabled or disabled at the time of setup. They are anti-spam, firewall, anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-fraud and a search advisor plug-in for your browsers. Nowadays all the PCs have an inbuilt firewall. In this case, the user may make the choice of the applications himself without having to worry about the interference. Few of the users like it to be more customized. They pick a dedicated firewall like Zone Alarm or Online Armor according to their needs.

Internet Security Suite covers a wide range of malware and online threats. Offensive content and security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Hackers, Phishing sites, Spam and information security threats are only a few of them. Most of the Antivirus vendors have come up with Internet Security Suite, many of them have resorted it to be their leading product. The Internet Security Suites are a bit costlier than Antivirus Softwares. It would not be a thing to regret for securing the PC with the best possible tool. Internet Security Suite would be an ideal choice if you are looking for all these features combined.

It is important not to forget that ISS is nothing but an Antivirus at its core. It has only been leagued with a few additional efficient applications. So, choosing ISS over Antivirus with the thought, ‘ISS is almighty and Antivirus is a one fighter against hundreds’, you might not be right. If you are looking for a solid firewall and an anti-spam, you better check for an Antivirus that is out in the market packed with those specific features in your mind. So, if you have an Antivirus and a set of security programs handpicked by yourself with the understanding of what your system needs that would suffice. This would also save you a good deal of money.