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Category: Antivirus Software for PC
Product Rank: #8 in Antivirus for PC
Price: $39.98
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Panda Antivirus Pro has a built-in firewall to maximize security.

Does not offer support over live chat.

The Verdict:

Panda Antivirus Pro is a decent product bundled with all the essential features. It not only offers protection against all kinds of known and unknown threats but also shields your network from hackers and intruders.

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Panda Antivirus Pro promises to counter all types of threats. The product has been around since more than 23 years. It has emerged to be an intuitive and light-weight antivirus product. Panda Antivirus Pro has the best cloud technology for its preventative protection strategy that stores the main virus database on the Internet, so that the constant, daily and hourly updates are downloaded and installed locally.

Panda claims that it provides complete protection against any kind of malware. Be it spyware, ransomware, phishing, rootkits, bots, trojans and many pests that are yet in the making. It also has a web-filter for safe browsing. It also safeguards the USB flash drive against virus entry. Wireless network is more prone to infection. Panda has features that enforce the protection against malware even through wireless network.

The Gaming mode available in Panda Antivirus Pro makes your gaming experience more enjoyable with no pop-ups or any sort of triggers. Intelligently optimized resource consumption is another desirable feature. The antivirus supports most of all Windows operating systems. Another significant feature is the ability to create a rescue CD-ROM to use in situations where a computer cannot boot due to maximum infection.

There have been complains about the speed and interface of the product. However with the right customization and the reference in program user-manual you can definitely curb the inconvenience.

If you are looking for an impassable firewall and a secure antivirus combined in a pack, this is the antivirus programmed for you. You would rather bear a little inconvenience than suffer any kind of security excuses. This way, the antivirus itself as a great value for money you shell-out.

The support options are limited only to email and phone unlike most other competitors who offer additional option such as live chat. However, you can visit their official website to learn more about the upgrades, new features or other details.


Panda is an easy-to-use antivirus product with the simple interface and interactive make. Although not all the tests are very graceful at this product, Panda Antivirus Pro has evolved with time. With a number of extras and a strong firewall, Panda makes it up to you.

Features & Specifications:


  • Offers protection against all kinds of known and unknown threats.
  • Real-time protection for maximized security.
  • Protection against phishing, spyware, rootkits and trojans.
  • New Web Filter for safe browsing.
  • Safeguards your USB flash drives against infections.
  • Built-in firewall blocks intruders and hackers, even on your wireless network.

Additional Features:

  • Fast Scanning
  • Multimedia/Gaming Mode
  • Reduced Resource Consumption
  • Maximized Disinfection Performance

System Requirements:

Hardware Requirements:
  • Processor: Pentium 300 MHz or faster
  • RAM: 128 MB without TruPrevent, 512 MB with TruPrevent (1 GB recommended)
  • Hard Disk: 275 MB free space
Supported Operating Systems:
  • Windows XP (32 bit)
  • Windows Vista (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
  • Windows 8 (32/64 bit)

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